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Add warning lights to your dashboard gauges

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Add Fuel, Oil &Temperature Warning Lights to your Dash

Never get caught out by low fuel level/oil pressure or overheating with this simple to install Dashboard Warning Light kit.

Add fully adjustable two colour LED and audio warnings to your fuel, oil pressure and engine temperature gauges

Each LED is fully adjustable for trigger level, colour, flashing or steady light and even audible warning.

A configurable built in damping system ensures that warning lights do not flash on and off as fuel moves or oil pressure rises and falls in normal operation.

Fitting requires no wires to be cut or joined, just drill three small mounting holes for the indicator LEDs and use the supplied clips to hold them in place.

The control box comes pre-programmed with a default set of trigger levels suitble for most users. Just plug and play!

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  • 1
  • No need to cut or join wires. All connections made via ring terminals.
  • 2
  • Red/Yellow LED for two level warnings on each gauge.
  • 3
  • Select flashing or continuous warning light for each colour on each gauge - or even turn off a colour if not required.
  • 4
  • Fully adjustable trigger levels for each colour on each gauge. Set the levels to suit your own requirements.
  • 5
  • Optional trigger "beep" can be set on each colour on each gauge to ensure you don't miss a warning.
  • 6
  • Optional damping or averaging to stop spurious trigger as fuel moves or oil pressure breifly drops etc.
  • 7
  • Fits Mk1 and Mk2 to 2002 which have the factory fitted dash with no pre-fitted warning lights.