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Update or change the language of your diagnostic tool

From time to time, updates to the internal firmware of the diagnostic device may be released. In addition, new language packs will also be added. This page explains how to update your diagnostic tool and how to change the language.

Please either follow the steps below and/or watch the video to see how to update or change the language of your diagnostic tool.

  1. 1. Download and Install Updater Tool for Windows

    You will first need to download and install the MX5 Tech updater application. This tool will allow you to update your V3 and later Diagnostic tool to the latest version of the firmware. It will also allow you to change the language of your diagnostic tool as new language packs become available. The tool only works on Windows 8 or later.

    Click the download button below and accept the download file (SetupUpdater.exe)


    Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to run the installer. This may take a few minutes and installs some drivers at the end, so please be patient.

    Once all installer has completed you should have an updater icon in your programs menu as well as on the desktop.


    Double click the icon to start the updater.


    2. Plug in your diagnostic tool

    Once the updater is displayed, plug in your diagnostic tool using a USB cable.

    The screen of the diagnostic will remain blank but, if you have the sound turned up on your Windows computer, you should hear an ackknowledgement sound as the diagnostic is recognised.

    The current version number will be displayed along with the language and the current available firmware version.

    If the version is not displayed, ensure the USB cable is firmly inserted.


    3. Select the required update

    Use the dropdown to see what versions are available for your diagnostic.


    If there is a newer version available, or a different language is required, select this from the dropdown

    4. Perform the update

    Click the "Apply" button to update your device.

    A progress bar will show the progress of the update. Do NOT unplug your device during the update.


    5. Complete the update

    When the update is complete, unplug your device from the USB port.

    Your diagnostic is now updated.


    6. Further Information

    Versions from 3.4 onwards can use the mobile app to remote control the device.

    The app is available for Android and iOS